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don't let me disappear by Griffin-Fire don't let me disappear by Griffin-Fire
The cheetah is an amazing creature. It is the fastest land animal, reaching up to 70-75 mph over short bursts and going from 0 to 60 mph in just three seconds. The black "tear marks" under its eyes help block sunlight so that it can see better when hunting. The cheetah's claws are semi-retractable, which gives it better grip in pursuits. It uses its long tail to help steer while running.

Female cheetahs are solitary, living their lives lone except when they are raising cubs, which they raise alone. Males are social, often forming groups that stay together for life.

Because cheetahs rely on their speed to bring down prey, they are outmatched by other predators, and often abandon prey to other predators rather than risk injury.

The cheetah can purr, but cannot roar.

The cheetah is threatened. The species has low genetic variability, possibly as a result of inbreeding after a genetic bottleneck. It it difficult for the cheetah to adapt to new environments. It suffers from a loss of both habitat and prey. 90% of cheetah cubs are lost within the first few weeks of life to other predators. Approximately 12,400 live in the wild.

Don't let the cheetah disappear.

Created for the International Cheetah Day Challenge.
It was also submitted to #The-Big-Cats-Club's ICDC contest.

If you want to learn more about these amazing creatures, please check out the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Cheetah facts taken from this page.
Referenced photo by Erik Damen.
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Amazing work! There's a lot of emotion in this picture.
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Great job! can feel the sadness of the cheetah through its eyes
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